Chartered Vessel Agreement

If a vessel were to touch the ground, the head of a base should be immediately informed of the person checking to see if the keel and hull were in perfect condition. You can book the ship by email, phone, fax or directly. Chartered vessels with control equipment may only be used after payment is correct (50% at the time of booking and the rest no later than four weeks before the start of the charter period). The charterer presents the owner with a list of crew members` names and addresses four weeks before the start of the charter period. If the full amount is not paid within the time frame set out in the agreement, the contract is terminated and the owner reserves the right to maintain the amount already paid. If the contract cannot be signed, the contract is considered to be entered into by a tenant`s prepayment and both parties agree to the contractual provisions and the general terms of charter. The owner repairs problems on board the boat which makes it impossible to continue navigation as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours) with the full cooperation of the tenant and in case the tenant is not directly responsible for the problems mentioned. Charter fees include the cost of a vessel that is equipped with the official price list and the AVS inventory list. The charter commission does not include other costs such as food taxes, fuel or mooring costs.

The vessel is delivered to the charterer with full tank of water and fuel in working and clean condition; it must be delivered again in the same condition. If the vessel was damaged by the gross negligence of a skipper, it will be responsible for the damage and consequences of the damage, particularly the loss of a charter in the following weeks. The owner is required to deliver the vessel at the agreed location and at the agreed time in working condition. If the owner is unable to make the reserved vessel available, he may prepare another vessel at least equivalent or better at the price of the reserved vessel or a smaller vessel, as well as a refund of the price difference, including any refunds for accommodation during the waiting time on the ship. which does not exceed the amount of the charter fee agreed for the same period. If no suitable vessel is offered to the customer after 24 hours, the customer can terminate the charter contract for which the owner refunds the full amount already paid. In the event of a major malfunction of the vessel, the owner must correct this malfunction as soon as possible. For the duration of the time the owner spends repairing the disturbance of the vessel, the owner pays for the vessel (angel), unless the charterer uses the vessel in question as accommodation during the repairs. In this case, the owner is not required to repay a certain amount that has already been paid because he can no longer navigate. Other compensation rights are excluded. If the disturbance cannot be remedied, the owner will provide the charterer with another vessel with similar or better characteristics.