Esempi Di Gentlemen Agreement

economic measures implemented in the internal market, and in particular in international markets, require flexible legal forms that can be adapted to different needs; In the case of operations that last over time, they must comply with the changing circumstances that may occur during the journey necessary to achieve the objectives set. The volume of business, its limitation throughout the system and the speed at which trade is carried out are today typical characteristics of trade. Flexibility and formability are necessary and essential conditions for the successful launch and development of agreements between the parties and for the definition of conditions that express the interests of the other. And this inevitably takes on greater and decisive importance when it comes to blunting, composing or reconciling opposing interests that require a greater period, must be designed and defined, and structures free of rigid formalism to be managed in the most edifying way of their nature and purpose. In this sense, the instruments that operators receive from the tradition of contract law do not always meet these requirements, precisely because they oblige the parties to respect strict rules whose application prevents this speed and freedom, which belong to trade and, more generally, to the market. With the exception of emergency contracts and cc.dd. I would like to thank the President of the Council for his excellent report. , both the main parties and, if so, the ancillary parties, and whether the parties are sure that they want to engage with each other and attribute to their relationship the legal effects provided for by law.