Film Sales Agent Agreement

6. DELIVERY. I`ve already looked at a number of delivery issues in the advance zone, simply because the advance is usually triggered when the image is delivered completely. Some other items that need to be taken into account when delivering the image include limiting the period during which the distributor must approve or deny the technical quality of the delivery items. Our special agreement provided for three weeks. This is a relatively short period of time, but many distributors can do this check within that time frame. As explained above, an irrevocable laboratory access letter is sent to the distributor so that the distributor can have access to all film and sound materials. B. Pre-approved minimum requirements. An additional protection provided in this agreement is a pre-approved schedule of minimum territorial requirements, under which the distributor can enter into an agreement without consulting the manufacturer as long as the territorial minimum is reached. If the distributor wishes to enter into an agreement for less than the territorial minimum, the distributor must obtain the manufacturer`s approval.

H. Direct payments to the manufacturer`s representative. In this particular agreement, 10% of the money paid to the producer is paid directly to the producer`s representative who negotiated the contract on behalf of the producer. .C. Early distribution of funds; The interest. Even if the distributor has only accounts to settle quarterly, the distributor is also obliged, in this agreement, to distribute the funds received in the receiver account within thirty days of receipt, subject to a reasonable withholding of reserves for distribution costs, and if the distributor does not, the interest amounts to 1-1/2% per month on amounts greater than thirty days after maturity. But if you`re premiering at a lower-level festival, you should be happy to have a strong partner for your film. Do a market study (which you should have done during financing) to find similar or “comparable” titles on the market, and then find out which commercials sold those films. If a movie doesn`t seem to be a good fit for a particular company, it`s likely it won`t. Use this information to filter out which companies you`re talking to.

This also includes the DCP (Digital Cinema Package), the mix, the finished editing script, set photos (make sure you did them during filming, which is necessary for marketing and promotion). SEE DELIVERY. A. AFMA Schieds. This particular agreement provides for the resolution of disputes before a single arbitrator in accordance with the rules and procedures of the American Film Marketing Association. This is generally a very convenient way to resolve distribution agreement disputes, as there is an extremely experienced panel of arbitrators who have dealt with many issues relating to issues between distributors and manufacturers, as well as disputes between distributors. In general, but not always, one of the participants must be a member of the American Film Marketing Association so that the dispute can be dealt with according to AFMA rules. Accordingly, there is a provision in this agreement that AFMA anticipates, which refuses to accept the jurisdiction in which the parties agree to settle the dispute with a retired judge or an arbitrator obtained through the arbitration and conciliation service. This particular agreement provides that the Los Angeles jurisdiction and jurisdiction and arbitration take place in Los Angeles. It is acceptable to negotiate the materials you will provide, but be aware that a good sales agent needs a minimum amount of materials to deliver the film to its partners. These are called “delivery components.” If an agent doesn`t have you deliver materials in advance, it`s unlikely they`ll believe very strongly about the future sale of the film.