Teacher Collective Agreement Nz

You can also access a PDF version once you`ve selected the link to your corresponding collective agreement. “As a teacher, you teach not only one subject, but also children to look at value systems and interact with other people,” he explains. Visit the Ministry of Education website to see collective agreements and individual contracts. Teachers help teachers in a classroom by working one for one or in groups with students. “I`m so proud of the way we all fought for this offer. We have written to MPs, campaigned in our schools, spoken to parents and attracted media attention. This tireless collective action was decisive,” she says. English teachers for speakers of other languages (ESOL teachers) teach people of non-English speaking backgrounds to speak, read and write English. This is the First offer from the Ministry of Education since the expiry of the collective agreements of the coaching staff in July.

NZEI Te Riu Roa Members work in every community in New Zealand and lead and commit to quality public education. We are the 50,000 school leaders, teachers and facilitators who work in primary, departmental and secondary schools, as well as in early childhood centres, special education and school guidance. We come together as NZEI Te Riu Roa – New Zealand`s largest educational union, a contractual organization and a strong advocate of quality public education. We have the most important task in New Zealand – training for the future. Currently, the minimum wage of $17.70 per hour is paid to auxiliaries at the bottom four levels of the salary scale and 90% of teacher benefits are paid below the minimum wage – The offer also meets some of our other requirements, including funding cultural leave for support employees participating in Te Matatini , an increase in the car allowance to align the rate to be paid to teachers and principals. amend the night allowance to ensure that members receive their correct rights and rename the dirty work allowance as a “Tiaki” allowance. ENDS The terms of an employment contract must be respected. It is the current collective agreements that set the conditions for school principals, teachers and other staff in schools. He is happier to be a teacher now. “I appreciate this job a lot more than any other job I`ve ever had,” he says.

“The kids are great, and being a teacher was worth it.” However, for teachers who have already received assistance for a period of three years or more, the payment of aid is immediately suspended at the time of non-compliance with the school. Auckland`s teaching advisor, Ally Kemplen, who is on the negotiating team for NZEI`s Te Riu Roa support team, says the offer is a step forward and is the result of a support staff in Aotearoa who stand up and fight hard to get their work evaluated fairly.