Utility Payment Agreement Form

Customers who pay their monthly water, electricity and natural gas bills may find it easier to divide their bill into small payments. If you allow people to pay partial payments for their bill, you can help distribution companies earn revenue during the month and improve customer service for those who find it more convenient to pay while they walk. With help payment plans, customers can pay their bill so they can work on their budget and schedule. Allows your customers to sign up for flexible payment options using simple online forms available on your website. Employee case management solutions automatically transmit form transfers to the relevant team or staff and help automate workflows to approve payment requests, update customer data, and report to people with updated status. Customers can register using a registered payment method for recurring automatic payments or sign up for text or email notifications about their impending due dates. Here are help programs that can help you pay your electricity bills: WakeHELPS, Utility Customer Assistance Program To help customers manage their supply bills during the COVID19 crisis, and in accordance with Executive Order 142, customers will have the opportunity to establish an appropriate payment plan to pay all fees accumulated during the actual period over a 12-month period. For COVID19 payment plans, the following rules apply: Customers wishing to establish a COVID19 payment plan must enter into a contract and contact our customer service centre at customercare@raleighnc.gov or 919-996-3245. Financial Support Program for Water and Sewer Customers Financial support is also provided through the WakeHELPS program and the Utility Customer Assistance Program. We help you: Payment plans are available! To learn more about the many assistance programs on offer, please contact the City of Raleigh at 919-996-3333 or email Utility Bill Help. Customer Care and BillingWeb Self Servicecustomercare@raleighnc.gov 919-996-3245.