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The role of the workshop manager is not only to give instructions to the rest of the team, but to develop solutions. This role includes systematically promoting goals, disseminating information and actively resolving problems with team members. The Shop Floor Board as a management tool helps visualize key tasks [5, p. 318] and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). It is important that essential information is viewed in a simple and concise way. Appropriate colors are used, including red (outside the expected value), orange (without growth or slightly below target value) and green (goal reached or exceeded), also known as the traffic light system. Arrows and bar diagrams are also ideal symbols. Goals and monitoring of the team`s progress should also be integrated. The Board of Directors should be easily accessible and visible and make way for a permanent meeting of all team members [3, p. 205-212]. A student research project of the author (see recognitions) at the Zurich Fachhochschule focused on the success factors and stumbling blocks that are found to be decisive for the use of a manufacturing plate by international and multicultural teams in relation to the hypotheses presented in the relevant literature [1-6].

A representative survey with a margin of error of 10% among the member companies of the Swiss Machinery and Electricity Industry Association (MEM-Industry), a technology sector strongly focused on innovation, was carried out and the responses were analysed. The interviewees come from different multicultural international teams with experience in shop-floor management. Figure 1 shows the composition of the origin of the interviewees. Lean-based concepts as a management system provide starting points and answers to the important challenges we face today. Particularly in technology and research-based sectors, productivity and innovation are the two key factors in competing with global competition. Shopfloor Management as a management concept provides lab professionals and managers with tools to focus on people and make value creation processes much more efficient. The strategy of good communication within multicultural teams is not to form opinions too quickly, to listen more, to speak less and to clarify everything that has not been understood, nor to be as transparent, clear and specific as possible [6, p. 50-53]. The correct implementation of Shopfloor Management allows teams to develop faster, more creative and inspiring results [6, p. 54]. The KVP is an essential element and a prerequisite for the implementation of a lean culture in a company.

This database is also the foundation of the shopfloor management method presented here. The KVP method originated in The Japanese and is known as KAIZEN. KAIZEN means (kai – change, zen – good) means change for the better and must accelerate an unfinished improvement process. KAIZEN, with the type of process-oriented thinking in relation to Western thinking oriented towards innovation and results, is the decisive difference between Japanese and Western management. [13] The introduction of a lean culture means changing the means of employees, but also and above all executives.