Union Pacific Crossing Agreement

Union Pacific Railroad does not allow private access to land that has other reasonable access or has been distributed by a landowner and has sold part of its land. For any emergency or problems related to an alert device, rough intersection, blocked crossing, vegetation or community relations, please call the Union Pacific Grade Crossing Safety Hotline: 1-888-877-7267. This online application process allows you to complete an application for a wire line or pipeline crossing, interventions, modification or maintenance request. This saves you time and money – to avoid delays, costs and uncertainties in sending applications. All of the above applications must be submitted online. For security reasons, Union Pacific insists that each legal or private entity use all options before requesting a new class crossing, including consideration of parallel or other routes resulting in existing crossings, as well as access to other directions. These items contain all the documents and information necessary to request permission to install a new crossover on the upRR priority right. If you`ve already followed this process and you know what documents you need, you can select them from the list below. Two original copies of a preliminary design agreement signed with your Concept Print must be forwarded to Union Pacific for signature.

Once the agreement is implemented, the railways will begin to review your proposal. It is recommended that conceptual impressions be 11 x 17 with a scale of 1 inch to 20 feet. The preliminary engineering agreement is intended to reimburse Union Pacific for the costs and costs of reviewing a project. It is in the interest of all parties to complete the preliminary technical review before commitments are made or construction begins. It is recommended that the Agency contact the appropriate public project manager to obtain assistance in the preparation of the preliminary engineering agreement and to obtain a quote. To improve the safety of highway and rail intersections, Union Pacific supports the U.S. Department of Transportation`s goal of reducing the number of public and private border crossings by consolidating, eliminating, separating the level and limiting the number of new intersections installed. All private hubs to be re-elected, existing or relocated are subject to union Pacific Railroad verification and approval. The review of a Union Pacific application for a private crossing by Union Pacific, which is authorized, is not implied by the review of a private crossing application, nor for applicants. If a facility involves both an intervention and a crossing, procedures must be followed for both in the application process. The application must be made by the one-way and cross-end option, and the application cannot be rushed.