Vcs Foundation Enterprise Agreement

The National Tertiary Education Union at the SCU made the most of its victory on Friday, when the university community voted against an enterprise agreement to end wage increases and postpone (CMM yesterday). Yesterday, the union again called on Vice-Chancellor Adam Shoemaker to focus on ways to save money while preserving jobs. But the university is not to talk about alternative savings. At the end of the day, Professor Shoemaker acted on his previous statement in order to find savings under the existing enterprise agreement and announced a cycle of voluntary redundancies. “We spoke with management and stressed our continued willingness to negotiate together,” the CPSU said. Attila Brungs (UTS) is President and others are Vice-Chancellors Alex Zelinsky (University of Newcastle), Brian Schmidt (ANU), Helen Bartlett (University of Sunshine Coast), David Lloyd (Uni SA), Barney Glover (Western Sydney U), Eeva Leinonen (Murdoch U) and Deborah Terry (now Curtin U, just before Uni Queensland), (CMM 1 July). This year`s winners are NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian and Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp Johanna Macneil joins RMIT as Dean of Management. She`s from Newcastle University. Jill Slay will leave La Trobe to join the University of South Australia and the Cooperative Smart Satellite Research Centre in September. Professor Slay will be in charge of a cybersecurity chair. Prime Minister Berejiklian is honoured for Parliament`s good handling of a law reforming the abortion law, despite being rejected by half of her Liberal party in the country. This does not seem likely, Mr.

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