Solar Subordination Agreement

Please contact us at 1-800-321-1770 opt. 1 for questions. What will be the amount of the monthly payments and how does the lease work? Your broker can help you get a copy of the seller`s lease. If one is not available, the seller can opt for 1-800-321-1770. Call 1 or send an email to ask for a copy and allow us to send you the copy of the lease. Under normal circumstances, a request for subordination usually takes about 3-4 weeks. Due to COVID-19, the current turnaround times take between 6 and 10 weeks to conclude a subordination agreement. This is mainly due to delays faced by second-time collateral holders, as most of their employees work from home and, as a result, most of their services are underused at full capacity. What is the recognition of registration fees and the confirmation letter? You must sign the Filing Fee Acknowledgement before SunPower can complete the submissions. As SunPower must pay the county each time we need to terminate the fixtures or resubmit them, this is your confirmation that if SunPower terminates the bids on you or at the request of your lender, you will be responsible for sunPower`s reimbursement of the $300.00 registration fee. In addition, you can ask your title or trust company to sign the confirmation letter, which is confirmation that at the end of the fiduciary service, they collect the $300.00 registration fee and transfer it to SunPower at the end of the fiduciary service. If the $300.00 registration fee is not received by SunPower, it will be added to your monthly bill.

I am refinancing my house, how will I start the trial? The best way to submit your application is to visit and click “Send Online” in the Refinancing section to submit your application online. Remember to attach all the necessary documents so that we can process your application without unnecessary delay. You can also call 1-800-321-1770 opt. .